Why you should collect Hood Ornaments

1926 Mercedes-BenzYoung and old alike are mesmerized by the early days of motorcars. The attraction that the public has for anything pertaining to the history and romance of the automobile industry is amazing. Perhaps it is because cars where so vital to mankind's development over the last one hundred years, and collectors are seeking a small connection to that history. Whatever the reason, the allure and romance of early motor vehicles draws collectors to hood ornaments.

Hood ornaments are extremely undervalued today.

Willys-Knight Hood OrnamentYes there are a few of recent origin, but for the most part it has been fifty to ninety years since their golden age. As more and more enthusiasts compete to own fewer and fewer hood ornaments, prices will inevitably continue to spiral upward. And savvy collectors know this!

Just a few short years ago, at $300 an ounce the price of gold seemed high to the average Joe. But smart investors knew otherwise. Today it's four times that amount.
Centuar Hood OrnamentRarity and desirability, will always drive prices upwards.

Amazingly, some vintage hood ornaments can still be found at quite affordable prices on eBay. A typical vintage ornament in good to fine condition sells for between $50 and $150. This cost has accelerated somewhat in the last 12 to 24 months, largely due to the fact that many European collectors are discovering them. But, according to experts, prices are expected to rise even more, as demand rises and availability diminishes.

Perhaps you should Invest in some yourself,
You'll be glad you did!

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