Plymouth Hood Ornaments

1928 PlymouthThe Plymouth Division of Chrysler was the brainchild of Walter Chrysler. It was his desire to build a low priced auto to compete with Chevrolet and Ford. In July of 1928, the introduction of the Plymouth was the culmination of that dream. The first Plymouths were actually priced a little higher than the competition, but they offered considerably more standard features and new engineering. The publics' desire for Plymouth autos was so great the when the depression hit a short year later, the new division became the savior for Chrysler Corp. Chrysler closed its Plymouth division in 2000.

Over the seventy-three years that Plymouth produced autos they introduced many popular models. Some of the more 1955 Plymouthnotable were - Roadking, Belvedere, Concord, Cranbrook, Plaza, Savoy, Belmont, Fury, Valiant, Barracuda, GTX, Satilite, Road Runner, Prowler, Duster, Voyager, Acclaim, Arrow, Breeze, Caravelle, Champ, Colt, Cricket, Reliant, Sundance, Superbird, Trailduster, Turismo, Volare, Scamp, Horizon, Laser, and Neon. Hood ornaments phased out on most of the Plymouth models by the end of the 1950's.

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