Jeep Hood Ornaments

1944 US Army JeepIn 1940 the US Army issued a set of specifications
for a rugged go anywhere general purpose vehicle. Several companies answered the call, but Willys-Overland's model MA won the day. The new 'general purpose' vehicles were referred to a Jeeps, most likely a contraction of GP. After the war Willys saw the need for a four wheel drive vehicle for the general public, and began selling modified Jeep models through their dealers.

Jeep Grand WagoneerIn 1970 American Motors bought Jeep and promptly brought out several new models. Then in 1987 when AMC went out of business, Jeep was acquired by Chrysler Corp. Very few Jeep products sported hood ornaments. The exception being the Jeep Wagoneers of the late 1980's and early 1990's.

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