Hood Ornaments as Collectibles

Hood ornaments are fast becoming the
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Stutz Bearcat hood ornamentsHood Ornaments continue to attract attention as collectibles. New collectors arrive largely from the ranks of automobilia buffs and vintage car owners. Perhaps it is their desire to at least have a symbolic part of an antique motorcar they are unable to attain. possibly it is the scarcity and uniqueness of old hood ornaments that attract new collectors. Certainly, vintage ornaments from the 1920's, 30's and 40's are indeed becoming difficult to find in any condition. Or it could be that hood ornaments are very easy to maintain and display. One cabinet, wall shelf or fireplace mantel can readily show off dozens of them.

Ford Greyhound Hood OrnamentsFor whatever reason one turns to collecting hood ornaments, it was inevitable that one day their desirability would escalate. This is especially so when we consider how they have been treated and why many are so hard to find.

Buick Goddess Hood OrnamentsVery often, damaged and discarded automobiles, and any hood ornament attached, were simply sent to the crusher to eventually be melted down for scrap metal. Unfortunately, for the millions of hood ornaments produced, most - probably 95 to 98% - have met this fate. The few that didn't have sat idlely for decades upon decades, in some forgotten corner of a junk yard or abandoned field, slowly rusting away until it has no resemblance to a hood ornament. Until recently, very few where ever removed, cleaned up and sold as collectibles.

What few hood ornaments that did survive have the antique auto collectors and restorers, to thank for making it possible for them to once again grace the hoods of an automobiles. However the total number of hood ornaments that were saved by vehicle restorers is minuscule in comparison to the millions that perished.

Eagle Hood ornamentsVery Early Jaguar Hood OrnamentsSpaceship Hood OrnamentsNash Goddess Hood Ornaments

Today collecting hood ornaments is very much on the rise. Beginning around the mid 1990's, and with the emergence of eBay, many people began discovering them, more as unique works of art, than as antique auto parts.According to experts, hood ornament prices are expected to rise even more.

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